When I suffer in the name of God, I have boldness with Him; He helps in everything and grants me whatever I request. The power of the Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.”) is great, especially when it is said with boldness.

St. Isaac the Syrian

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Judas, having communed that last evening on that final night, left hastily as all the others were still reclining. Here these also are in imitation of him, who leave before the final blessing! If he had not gone, then he would not have made the betrayal; if he did not leave his co-disciples, then he would not have perished; if he had not removed himself from the flock, then the wolf would not have seized and devoured him alone; if he had separated himself from the Pastor, then he would not have made himself the prey of wild beasts. Wherefore he (Judas) was with the Jews, and those (the apostles) went out with the Lord. Dost thou see, by what manner the final prayer after the offering of the sacrifice is accomplished? We should, beloved, stand forth for this, we should ponder this, fearful of the coming judgement for this. We should approach the Holy Sacrifice with great decorum, with proper piety, so as to merit us more of God’s benevolence, to cleanse one’s soul and to receive eternal blessings, of which may we all be worthy by the grace and love for mankind of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom with the Father, together with the Holy Spirit, be glory, power, and worship now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.
Saint John Chrysostom (via the-violent-take-it-by-force)
Anonymous asked:
ah Mormonism. i have so little knowledge about it


I have enough knowledge to know why I’ll never place faith into it and why I hold little respect for the institution.